Help me theme KDE with consistency in mind

I’ve been trying to move over to KDE Plasma for more than a year but each time I face the same issue and I never manage to live with it.

Specifically, the lack of UI cohesiveness and consistency with non-qt apps is what does my head in.

For instance, let’s take these three apps: Pamac, Dolphin and RawTherapee. I’m not able to find a way to make them look the same. Open them all up side by side and it’s an OCD nightmare - they all look different. Different accent colors, diffent buttons, different everything. It’s like I’m on Windows.

Whereas in Gnome, they all look the same, they look like they belong together. Soothing and pretty and functional.

I’ve tried various Plasma themes and GTK themes in various combinations… I was never able to make GTK apps look like they belong with KDE.

Any ideas? As long as it’s a clean, minimalist, dark theme I’m willing to try anything.

I don’t know/use RawTherapee, but I do often have Dolphin and Pamac open together and the theme looks pretty similar to me.

I’m using Breat2 Dark theme as my Plasma Theme and just “Breeze” as the GTK theme.

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Isn’t there a qt(experimental) version of PAMAC available? But IMHO Qt and GTK apps will look different, you can try to blend them with themes and stuff but you can’t make them look same. And it baffles me too why isn’t the Qt version of Pamac developed more for KDE? Making KDE users running GTK apps by default is the last thing a distro should do.

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Yes but the developer has most urgent to-do list in Manjaro, a day job and a life?

Because still the only one developer hasn’t the time for it.

If you’re skilled in Qt development, feel free to contribute.

About Dolphin and Pamac inconstancies, as already said, one is in Qt, the other in GTK. Different language, framework, libraries…

I don’t even know if it would be possible to create a common theme that would be identical.

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Since you also mentioned RawTherapee that looks great with Adwaita dark, well, you can install adwaita-qt and set it as Application Style - the dark one looks great IMO, install from AUR the adwmod-theme-git and set it as GTK Application Style - i prefer the compact dark one. If you want to get that also the Plasma Style to match, best to switch to one that supports color, probably Materia, and then set color-scheme to Adwaita Dark KDE. All looks even better with Papirus Dark icon theme.


Thanks for the elaborate reply. I’ll try it out the next time I get the urge to try out KDE.

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Sure thing, no problem. In principle that will also work with Adwaita-Maia we provide, and the color-schemes for KDE Plasma. It will end up looking like you have it now on Gnome.