Help me put to use my 1TB SSD

A few weeks ago I returned to Linux. I decided to give microshaft the boot! lol. Anyways I installed Manjaro on my 500GB SSD. I really wanted to also include my 1TB SSD in the installation but never did as I’m still a bit of a beginner with Linux. How do I put to use my 1TB drive? In Windows I would just point to that drive during software installs. Should I move my whole /home folder to that drive? If so, how would I go about doing that?

Right now I have an ext4 partition on my 1TB drive.

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Probably best method is described here:

It depends on how you want to use your drive.

Having /home on a separate drive may be a good idea (I have, because then I can reinstall the main system and keep my same /home). To migrate this after installing is a pain. Basicaly, you do mount your hard drive in the directory tree to become /home. For this, the /home directory needs to be empty. Shame is that your data already is there… One way to do it would be to make a backup of all data in /home (also hidden files) and just reinstall the whole system and tell the installer to use your HDD in /home.

If you just want to put some data on your disk, like on a Windows D-Drive, you can mount your HDD anywhere and not redo your whole system. Use Gnome Disks oder GParted to partition and format your HDD. Gnome Disks also lets you choose the mounting point in a GUI. For example, I have attached my Windows D-Drive manually into the folder where normally USB-Drives would be temporarily mounted: /run/media/myusername/WinData. (WinData is my chosen name for it). When you permanently attach a data disk to your system, a mount point like /data/mylovelyHDD would make more sense for you!

Ah, yeah. Since you do not choose an installation path for software with Linux (with the exeption of AppImages, they can be executed from anywhere), you do rather not install software on it. If you happen to use Steam, you can locate your SteamLibrary on this drive - so the big games will be installed to it. You probably know you can have more than one SteamLibrary and even let Steam copy games between those - so it is not a problem when you already have some Steam games installed!

Aside of what the previous posters above already said:

The bigest difference between Linux and M$ is wrt drives, is that M$ uses drive letters while Linux uses a pathname.
Yes all hardware in Linux are connected to the system through directories :wink:

Have a similar setup myself. I just added the 1tb hdd to my fstab and mounted it as home/data. I set it as the default location for steam downloads and vmware. If you use btrfs I know you can just add it to your home partition and have it as one partition

sudo btrfs device add /dev/sdb /home

Or similar and then balance the system

sudo btrfs filesystem balance /home

Never tried btrfs but believe it works

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Keep in mind that when doing that your user account won’t have rw permissions by default on that mount…

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Hmm I have no issues with rw on it but I did follow a guide from the old forums when I set it up. I was very much (and still am lol) an arch/manjaro noob