HELP me installing things

Im new on arch based distros. I have some problems with installing with pacman and pacam. Idk how to proceed. I used too git clone but make doesnt work. Can anyone help me. I will be very grateful if someone make me a summary of how to install packages and how to erase remains of failed installs. I tried to install spek by pamac and says:

/var/tmp/pamac-build-powa/spek/PKGBUILD: línea 15: pkg-config: orden no encontrada
./ línea 9: autoreconf: orden no encontrada

I tried too git clone. How i erase the clone? TY

Im from spain, sorry about my english. :smiley:

Hi, pkg-config is in the pkgconf package, you might need to (re)install that. Autoreconf as far as I know is in the autoreconf package. Try installing both, that might help.

You need “base-devel” to build packages “sudo pacman -S base-devel --needed”

i cant install autoreconf

./ línea 9: autoreconf: orden no encontrada

OHH very grateful.

Can you tell me some place to learn?

Here is as good a place as any, when you have a problem post here, someone will usually help.