Help Installing OSPOS on Manjaro

I have been using Manjaro for the past 3 months or so, and i have had no issues getting things that i want to work. Most of the time it is very simple. But now i am stuck with OSPOS which is an essential app for me.

Blockquote -Home · opensourcepos/opensourcepos Wiki · GitHub
The above is the link to their github wiki page.

OSPOS requires Apache, MySQL, PHP to work. I managed to install apache, mariaDB and php and completed the installation according to their wiki. But when i load the app i only get a blank page.

I check with the OSPOS team, they cautiously pointed me towards PHP error, i queried on Manjaro forum through a support post for which user xabbu pointed that the extensions that the app required were disabled in the php.ini file so i enabled them and installed a couple of extra ones.

But still I am stuck with a blank page. Can anyone help me with getting this app to work on Manjaro?

It would be a shame if I had to switch to Linux Mint because of OSPOS alone. because i really enjoy using Manjaro,

I would have suggested the docker container but it hasn’t been updated in 5 months.

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The last release of OSPOS was Dec 14, 2019. So it might fit.

But I also agree with the Docker recommendation. Even if the OP can get it to work, it might break with the next PHP update.

OSPOS looks to me like an active but slow moving project. Any rolling distribution is just not a good fit. It requires way to much work. If someone wants to use such a project, a very stable (no version changing) base is required.

Whit Docker it can be achieved on Manjaro, but I would not use a LAMP directly stack on Manjaro for this project.

Unfortunately it looks like as if there is no official docker image. But a docker-compose.yml file on Github and instructions.


Thank you for the quick reply guys. I will give the docker method a try and post my feedback here.