Help installing Manjaro on SSDs

Hi,I am having an issue when installing Manjaro. After disabling my secure boot. I booted into Manjaro ready to install it on my new laptop. But the installer is saying it doesn’t have any partitions and that my computer has literality no storage. This computer is a 2020 acer nitro 5. I did add an extra nvme ssd. I have looked for solutions. The only answer I could find is that some how my drives are using RAID and not AHCI. I can’t find the option to disable RAID in my bios. It does have windows installed on it but I don’t care about that and am just trying to delete it to install Manjaro. The only thing I can think of is that Manjaro doesn’t work with my SSDS ? One of them is a Samsung 970 EVO and the other is made by crucial I think. There is no way that is the case since these are both big brands and one of linux’s best attributes is it’s hardware compatibility. I am a little new to Linux I have been using ubuntu for a few months now.

you can search
with windows+10+disks+on+AHCI