Help in adding Arch/Manjaro support to GitLab Development Kit

Long time Manjaro user and lurker, first-time poster :wave:

I’m a technical writer at GitLab, and we often use GitLab Development Kit, which lets you run a GitLab instance locally for testing stuff.

It has a script for automated dependency setup with asdf, which has hardcoded checks for Ubuntu/Debian and Mac, and I wanted to make it work for Arch and Manjaro.

I have a WIP merge request open, but I need help expanding the bash if statement.

This comment specifically describes the logic I’d like to add.

I think it should be simple if you know basics of Bash scripting, which is just above what I can do.

Thanks in advance!

Update: I’ve added what I wanted to the script, without fancy bash-fu.

If you’d like, you can help test the updated script.