Help I cant enter my password into Consle

I’m trying to run sudo nano /etc/default/grub but when I do it asks me for my password. When I type it in and press enter nothing happens. What can I do?

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Yes, sudo is a mechanism for elevating one’s privileges, and editing /etc/default/grub does require root privileges, because it’s a system file, owned by the root account.

Are you sure nothing happens? The password is always invisible when entered at a prompt in a terminal.

Also, are you sure that you typed the password correctly? No offense, but if your spelling of the title of this thread is anything to go by, then you seem prone to making typos. :thinking:

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Yeah Ik my spelling is garbage but I typed it in carefully multiple times

I finally got it I had to restart my computer a couple times

Well there are only three natural outcomes to the situation…:

  1. The password is correct and the editor loads with the requested file.
  2. The password is incorrect and sudo prompts you for the password again.
  3. You don’t have sudo rights ─ which would be illogical, because Manjaro gives the first created user acount sudo rights by default ─ and then you get to see an error message that you don’t have permission, and that “the incident will be reported” (in the system log).

If neither of the three above scenarios occurs, then there must be something wrong with your installation.

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I had this issue a couple of years ago - actually after I decided to run a file manager as root to allow me to change permissions on some files…
I found the best solution was to hit the reset button.