Help for installing balena etcher

HELP to start balenaetcher.
I already downloaded them, now I want to start the program, I don’t know how, I’m new to manjaro.

How did you do that?

Usually by its .desktop file or executable. Which should automatically populate in your menu and/or become functional in the terminal.

download it from its official website.

I think it started in the terminal with a command but I don’t know what it is.

Thats not how we handle software in linux.
Please lose this habit :wink:
The package exists in the official software repositories.

Please open up pamac or “Add/Remove Software” and select etcher and install.
Otherwise a command might be (including update):

sudo pacman -Syyu etcher

Also … please spend some time with the user guide and/or wiki. ex:

(also please note that if you took any other steps to manually ‘install’ etcher already … it would be best to try to ‘undo’ those steps)


I already ran the command, now?

How do I start the program to be able to use it?

If the package has been installed … it should be available in your regular desktop application menu.
If it does not appear … maybe try a restart?

(I just checked, and it certainly provides a desktop [launcher] file: /usr/share/applications/balena-etcher-electron.desktop which should automatically become available in your menu)

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Just a suggestion: Use a mintstick instead of Etcher if you don’t get along with dd. There are enough discussions about Balena Etcher, I don’t want to spread that around here.Mintstick (gtk) is just as easy to use and doesn’t have all that electron stuff. But this is just a food for thought :wink:

can you please for ventoy

folks … while we might suggest aternative software for whatever reason …

It seems OP has more an issue with installing and using software in general.
Maybe things should start there.

We havent had a response yet … so we will have to wait for an update.


Also noteworthy is that most manjaro editions already come with an application that can write bootable isos. For example, gnome edition comes with gnome-disks and popsicle, both of which are better than etcher.

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thats me

noted, not windows

target not found: etcher

can’t find through adding programs

found but stuck on preparing…

So I have a couple goals. learn more Linux and get my Pinephone working,

Where I’m at is windows 7 won’t run the jumpdrive so I’m on a pinebook pro, the jump drive works but
I don’t know my way around, I see wget is in my programs, can I gitclone Etcher and move on anyone?

How are they better?