Help for creating most recent Plasma Release for Odroid N2+

Hey there,

as a PC user i struggle to find a working image for my Odroid N2.
As far as i understand the methods to create an image i have to on Linux for this.

Would someone be so nice to prepare an Image for my Odroid N2 for me? On the officiall site i can find several images, but not for my N2 and the generic image won’t boot.

Thx in advance, much appreciated


You can get an image for Odroid on Archlinux ARM

I know it’s not Manjaro but Manjaro builds on top of Archlinux ARM so same content - different name.

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Ok, i will try. Even if its not Manjaro… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

There are a few Manjaro-Arm Odroid N2 users, according to Manjaro-Arm Release 22.12 Odroid N2 is supported – Manjaro ARM 22.12 released!.

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to build yourself a Manjaro arm image see below, you choose the wished packages, or delete the standard one, really sweet…


Yeah, i saw that, but as i have no Linux Machine running so far, i can’t build it myself.

Same as for JFL, as I don’t have a Linux Machine running, I can’t build it myself.

You don’t have to touch your running system.

I completely forgot this - thank you for reminding me.

Something like this in the live system

  • list block devices
    • lsblk
  • insert or attach an sdcard using an adapter
  • list your devices once more - note the added device
  • sudo pacman -Syy
  • sudo pacman -S manjaro-arm-installer
  • sudo systemctl restart systemd-binfmt
  • sudo bash manjaro-arm-installer
  • select device
  • select target sdcard (be sure you choose the sdcard)
  • follow the prompts to setup your target system desktop/user/passwd/root
  • wait until done
  • reboot

I just build an image directly to an sdcard - but as the installer customizes the final image - the image would be of no use to you because you likely want another timezone, locale, keyboard, hostname, username, password etc.

==> on2 kde-plasma install complete
==> Writing bootloader and cleaning up after install...
  -> Set boot partition to 44c0af76-01 in /etc/fstab...
  -> Set root partition to 44c0af76-02 in the relevant boot script and /etc/fstab...
  -> If you get an error stating 'failed to preserve ownership ... Operation not permitted', it's expected, since the boot partition is FAT32 and does not support ownership permissions...
==> Time : 14.42 minutes...
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Images for the Odroid N2 and N2+ are no longer generated, because the Generic images work for it. As the N2 and N2+ comes with an SPI flash, you can flash tow-boot on it.

Thx for the explanation. WAs not aware of booting a live System and writing the image to the SD Card. Maybe i will try it.

Ok… something new to learn… tow-boot…
I assume its something like a Bootloader for the N2 Board?

For any other interested with the same problem… here is a “quick and dirty” Solution.
I took the former Image “Manjaro-ARM-kde-plasma-on2-21.02.img.xz” from HERE and updated to the newest Version.
Got some trouble with some Icon-Resource from Theme, but as i ignored this part from update the update could be done.

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It’s the firmware. Like u-boot and petit-boot that is currently on the SPI of the N2.

Petit-boot just doesn’t load the extlinux.conf file that the Generic images use. And I don’t think it loads the generic-efi images at all. That’s why we suggest using tow-boot instead.