Help creating a Bitcoin Lightning node with Manjaro

Hello I tried following the raspibolt guide, installing manjaro on a rpi4 and trying to adapt it, but with my low exprience I had some problems with nginx and stopped, if there’s someone with good experience that could help create the manjaro version, it would be amazing.

Lets make things a bit clear first please, so others can try to assist more meaningfully:

  • Are you using a Raspberry-PI-4 or a normal PC?
  • What is your end goal exactly.
    Mentioning a guide is not the same as stating what YOU want as end-goal…
    Don’t use this forum to advertise some other product by camuflying it with a different intend.

I am using a rpi4, but it can be a x86 machine as well, my goal is to have it installed on my machine using manjaro instead of debian. Also as a challenge.

Then ask for ways to get the same results on Manjaro using programs meant for Manjaro…

Same results means NOT translating that guide which is for rpi4 because that uses different software…
It means having same functionality using different programs.

Is your end-goal to create a BitCoin-server?

What if someone else wants to also translate that guide for the Manjaro OS?

that’s what raspibolt is for. What I want is to do it with manjaro instead of debian. What’s wrong about that?

Ok, i changed the title to reflect your actual goal…

Nothing wrong with that…

Hopefully with the new topic title and tags, you will get better assistance from people who have knowledge and interest in your end-goal.
You can’t expect correct solutions without asking the right questions right? :wink:

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Cant you just run it on manjaro with debian set up as chroot?