Help Cannot boot Plasma

Hi I’m New with manjaro and recently installed jdk-17 When I rebooted my Manjaro it asked for my password but when I enter it and clik enter, there was an error:

error no write access to $home directory(/usr/lib/jdk-17).
Plasma is unable to star manjaro.

So I used CTRL+ALT+F2, logged in, typped

sudo chown -R $USER $HOME

an rebooted so the problem I think was fixed.
But now my Konsole no longer has the nice green color and the prompt has the name of my motherboard and my username .And all the steam games I downloaded were lost and firefox reset to default in everything.

Anyone Knows what happened or what I did? I have MANJARO 5.13.19, Kde Plasma 5.22


How did you do that exactly?