Help about hardware compatibility

Hello people, I want to get into Linux, and I’ve been trying Manjaro specifically, but I notice that it freezes when I, for example, play a YouTube video. I would imagine that it’s a hardware issue. In my case, I have 4 GB of RAM and an Intel Celeron J1800 2 GHz processor. I would like to know if these performance problems are due to my hardware, which is possible, but if there is any solution to this issue. Thank you very much.

Sounds like a small amount of memory and possibly no SWAP?

As per always …

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I could imagine stuttering because of swapping and because of the weak cpu and probably lack of hardware decoding on higher quality videos, lets say 1080 and up. But complete freeze…seems like a gpu driver problem, and this computer probably has no discrete graphics, so i do not know…

Try videos with lower quality, offline videos like some mp4 with vlc for example, and different web browser to try to narrow down the cause.

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