Hello, new user here and I need some assistance

Hello guy,

So I’m not completely alien to Linux, but just recently I committed to full daily driving it and overall I am very happy leaving winsux behind mostly. Today I broke something though and I have read post after post trying to use what is spoken about to fix it myself to no avail. I suspect it is something simple for anyone more familiar with Linux than I (which I’m a newb honestly so that’s a low bar) I just need some direction and help with bash lines to get it sorted. I am stuck in the “cleaning” phase during boot. And I know for a fact I broke it by messing with video drivers, and now I can’t get into anything past TTY. I just need help removing all video drivers via TTY and reinstalling them. I appreciate any help y’all.

16gb 3600
Kernel 5.11


so to be specific what i did exactly was this.
I was on desktop and using the manjaro settings manager had looked at the hardware configuration page and saw the modsetting driver and the vesa driver were not installed. my smoothbrain ass had thought “it cant hurt to have them installed aswell right? surely the system will still run ?” and installed them both using the settings manager, then rebooted. this is what triggered me being stuck at the “cleaning blocks” boot stage and unable to get into GUI linux. the only command i did in TTY to try to fix it was to remove all video drivers.

mhwd -r pci video-linux

this was done under the thought that i would remove the drivers i installed and wipe the slate clean and simply reinstall the proper one clean and be done with it. i cannot reinstall the drivers i get an error when in tty triny to install using

mhwd -i pci video linux

I get these errors

Failed retrieving file “multilib.db…” (long list of variations)
And at the end

Pacman failed

I’m assuming it’s because it can’t connect to the internet to retrieve the packages for the video to install with right?
Is there a way I can do that in TTY and then install it?

To be clear I also uninstalled vesa with

Mhwd -r pci video-vesa

I did this to make sure all three are cleared off. Moderating came up as uninstalled when I attempted to remove it.

Thanks again guys

Please post the exact error you are receiving and the advice you were following.

If you want to or need to install graphics cards and only have the command line available
is the tool to use.

You’ll find out how to use it by looking around here or in the wiki.

The info is all there - I’m not familiar with it since I’m not a manjaro user
and thus can only give this generic advice.

Appreciate it sir. I think I need to dig into bash commands alot and find the right ones to get it all straight. Once I get home again and try it I’ll update the post.

Once I get home I’ll update with more details


that is the Manjaro command line tool to manage/install graphics cards
You’ll find out how to use it - or someone will tell you.
I cannot.
Not confidently and from experience anyway.

I fixed it! so after another reboot from removing vesa i got into gui somehow, i installed video-linux again, removed modesetting-linux , and rebooted again. ALL is well now, sorry for being a smoothbrain but thanks for some of the direction .

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