Hello, does anyone know what on-screen keyboard is for KDE Wayland?

Hello, I used to use ONBOARD for X11, but it’s not suitable for Wayland, and the project was abandoned a long time ago. Maybe some of you successfully use an on-screen keyboard for touch screens on KDE, which I don’t know about). I looked through the entire network more than once, but I couldn’t find anything for Manjaro KDE. If anyone knows, please provide information. Thank you!

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Maybe you are looking for maliit-keyboard for KDE Wayland. I did not try it.
If it does not work, then go back to X11.
The accessibility of KDE Wayland is currently not fully developed.


Thanks, I will take a look. For me Wayland is the main profile)

Here’s another one SqueekBoard which purports to be Wayland-oriented; I’ve never tried it.

The Maliit-Keyboard mentioned by Zesko seems easier to manage.

If we are just listing on-screen keyboards:

malitt-keyboard is listed there as “Virtual keyboard useful for KDE Plasma-Wayland”.

As well as linked from KDE - ArchWiki, where it is noted though that you can use just about whatever you like.

Also, there’s:

  • Florence Virtual Keyboard for X11; no Wayland support is mentioned, and it smells a bit old (2014).

  • Qt6-VirtualKeyboard, is a part of Qt6 which KDE will be switching to in 2024. Both Qt5 and Qt6 versions are currently in the repos, however, I couldn’t get this to run in Wayland. In fairness, I only spent a few minutes with it; and may still be worth looking at later, once Qt6 is officially released;

  • Maliit Keyboard (Again) is also in the repos; you would need to activate it in Settings → Input Devices. It did launch in Wayland, but I was unable to test with a touch screen.

There are obviously a few others in the link that Cscs provided; some of them (eekboard and QtvKbd) don’t seem to have been updated in a very long time (12-13 years, in one case); and Onboard seems only for Debian and derivatives.

I hope this information adds to your resource pool.


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I’m on plasma-wayland session for more then a year now on my intel tablet. I use maliit keyboard because plasma mobile also uses maliit keyboard. It does the job. There isn’t a lot documentation about how to configure it. The best howto is this one:Using maliit-keyboard in a Plasma Wayland session – Martin's Blog , although the theming doesn’t seem to work for me.

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Thanks to everyone, in general the situation with such keyboards for Plasma-Wayland is bad. Not that it’s frustrating, but it would be nice if the KDE team paid attention to it). I’ll write to them someday, it would be nice to have a keyboard like in Gnome

This was not the case.

I vaguely remembered using Onboard myself, at one time, but it’s currently available in Arch/Manjaro repo’s:

sudo pacman -S onboard

Onboard isn’t installed as a virtual keyboard under Input Devices – it’s installed separately (access it from Utilities in the Desktop menu).

When it first opens it doesn’t look overly awe-inspiring, however, once you apply one of its themes, that changes dramatically. Plus there’s an option to follow the system theme.

I like the dark themes: Blackboard, Darkroom, Droid and Nightshade.

Also, Onboard seems to work fine in both Wayland and X11.


I think work on such is on hold until plasma 6 is released soon-ish.

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