Heic Image viewer and image transfer


I can’t found any Heic image viewer…any suggestion ?

Also when i try to import my Iphone’s Heic photo with Gthumb, Rapid Photo Downloader…it give me error
I could use the Ifuse method which work well but not simple for avoid already transfer file…

Thanks in advance


Krita and Gimp can open and edit/export *.HEIC images.
Didn’t spend much time with such format, but i came across, and i have no idea for a viewer but someone might guide you in the right direction at some point. :man_shrugging:

Thanks for the suggestions, i know for Gimp, but i am looking for photo management / viewer.
I will see for Digikam…it’s seem it’s working with Heic, and importing Iphone’s photos. ps. install a lot of dependency

What do you use for importing photos ?

I am on Cinnamon

I don’t. Most of photos i get are from clients. :slight_smile:

I try Regards Viewer but it crash, so sad because it handle Heic file and seem to be great viewer

Try koko - is a decent image gallery viewer and seems to support heic too. Is in our repositories.

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Thanks, it’s working, but no thumbnail…

Each file manager deals with thumbnails differently. Maybe you can build this packages from AUR:
heif heifthumbnailer qt5-heif-git

Doesn’t work :frowning:

I had this issue about half a year ago, I think I just installed libheif and used viewnoir to view. I initially had, I think, a color profile issue took a few extra minutes to correct though.

Will be trying koko out myself soon.

I tried both Xviewer and koko but none of them works. In fact koko does not show anything except a pitch black image and Xviewer shows a blurry black-and-white image. However, I can view it perfectly in gimp.

[Unfortunately, Manjaro made me TL1 after their server wipe and so I couldn’t post a screenshot of how it looks on Xviewer vs gimp Thanks Manjaro.]

Welcome back,

Manjaro didn’t make you anything. This forum is a fresh one, we all started from scratch zero.