HEIC - HEIF Appel image file - which lib for Geequie, GThumb, Gwenview - XFCE

Regarding support of heic, heif images, see

Thunar does allow thumbnails of image.heic

But I can not view them with standard image viewer such XnViewMP, Geequie, GThumb, Gwenview
Gimp is ok, but Gimp is not a viewer.
In Imagemagick, there is display viewer, should function, but colours are not respected.

Is there some library to install for "standard" viewers?
In pacmac search on heic or heif gives a bunch, but which one to choose.
I see that libheif 1.6.1-1 is installed

P.S. https://fitzcarraldoblog.wordpress.com/2019/01/15/heic-image-files-in-linux/

Maybe you can give this viewer a shot

HEIC is the future, 30 years old JPEG should be forgotten.

Xviewer works

Is installed

"Regards" not in pamac
Still strange that it does not functions with Geequie, GThumb, Gwenview, XnViewMP

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