Hedgewars not able to install

Since two weeks I am not able to install hedgewars because of ffmpeg4.4 was built against “Staging” repo.
Since few days this is fixed in the arch repo.

How long does it take till the fix is comming to Manjaro?

Thank you!

The version manjaro has (2:4.4.1) is built against x264 0.163. Both manjaro and arch do not have a 2: version of ffmpeg. See the post below for a possible workaround:

Thank you for your workaround, which you mentioned.
After doing the workaround:
I could install hedgewars, but it do not start.
Errormessage: shared libraries: libx264.so.163: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

So I have to wait till manjaro switch to a upper ffmpeg version right?

What do you think?