Heavy KDE Desktop Distortions bugs, when i close my games

After few month ago, i experienced in some rare situations that my Windows are Upsite Down and other strange shadow and discortion bugs on my KDE Desktop.

I found out that it only happends, when i had a few Windows still open after i finished the games.

When i close the last Window, the bugs vanished and everything runs flawless again o.O

Maybe a video would even better represent the situation and how strong my full desktop gets corrupted, besides closing all Windows, is there a solution for this heavy visual KDE bug?

Looks like maybe you have allowed the compositor to be disabled under certain circumstances, while your desktop appears to heavily rely on it.

Though … I’m not sure this would be caused by it:

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Thanks i try this out, i will repeat back if it helps or not… since its a rare bug and not easily repeatable, it can take a while.

In around 4 month i only had this issue maybe 5-6 times and i use my PC daily and play regulary.

I get this as well. Not all the time, but when it happens I usually restart. Normally happens when I have a steam game running and using plexamp and try to switch windows.

I can tell, it happends for me also on a Linux Native Game, running from Flatpak.

Maybe just close the last open Windows, instead of restarting.

What is plexamp?

Did you try to uncheck “allow block compositing”?

Hi. Plexamp is Plex’s music player. I haven’t unchecked that box yet so will give it a try. Thanks.