Headphones information / knowledge request


I currently have a decent set of usb headphones - Hyper-x cloud 2.

I use them for listening to music, and importantly, listening to a foreign language that I’m learning, and doing online language lessons (video calls). I’ve found that headphones make it much easier to catch what’s being said when I’m struggling to understand.

I’m thinking of upgrading to something with higher audio quality for my listening, but I’d like the headphones to have a microphone for the times when I do an online chat.

Here’s what I don’t understand at the moment. I’ve been searching information on headphones for 2 or 3 nights in a row, but I’m still confused as most of it is pointed at windows users.

I’m not asking about any type of wireless headphones. Whatever I buy it will be wired. If it has a bluetooth or wifi option, I’d only buy it if it can be turned off.

Do I need them with a usb connector, like my current hyper-x (they have a sound card half way along the cable apparently), or can I buy ones with 3.5mm connectors and plug them into the front of my computer.

Does it matter at all that I won’t be able to run the proprietary software that some ship with. I don’t want to need to run software anyway.

Can I buy almost anything on the market, or do I have to check if they will work on Linux.

Any replies would be appreciated.

What is wrong with what you have got already?
… too big for my taste :wink:
but I think it’s hard to top these, quality wise.

Anything Bluetooth will work.
I have got Sony WI-C200 because they last longer on one charge than those with separate earpieces (bigger battery, lasts 10 hours easily)

Are you saying it would be harder to get something better than the Hyper-x I already have? I won’t notice an increase in sound clarity?

How would I know?
They are pretty expensive IMO - and that is usually an indicator of the quality you can expect.
But I’ll not continue speculating here - sorry.

They are pretty cheap compared to what I’m prepared to spend to get very high quality sound.