HDR and HDR+ support in Manjaro Gnome?

My head is still spinning after reading this post targeted at Fedora. Well, a pretty deep dive, but it appears RedHat is going to be first to market with HDR support, wondering when the next Open Source wave of implementation will be and whether there is a group of Arch/Manjaro devs working on it?

I’m really not competent in development, and a couple years of college Physics isn’t enough to comprehend Mr. Kline’s very comprehensive blog post, but since HDR support has been around in Windows a couple years, and since more and more display cards and monitors seem to support it, you’d think it would be on somebody’s roadmap somewhere in Manjaro-gnome-assets or the like?

The article is not related to a specific distribution, it’s about the upstream projects behind them like Gtk and GStreamer.

As he mentioned in Part 1:

I have been investigating high dynamic range (HDR) support for the Linux desktop…

He also said in the Summary section of Part 2 that you linked to:

All told, a good portion of the work necessary for basic HDR support is done or in progress.

That was written almost a year ago now. He also left Red Hat right after he wrote those articles and hasn’t posted since.


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Yes, I’m not sure how Windows 11 works with HDR, I’ve gotten into some “sticky situations” so far where it seemingly won’t “turn off” on command, and how it turns on/off the HDR10 support. As a dev wannabe, though, I’ll say it looks like Everest or at least “Killer Manjaro” to get a release out there that’s somewhat stable. From the (somewhat discredited) article above the HW reqs are pretty “daunting”:

But wondering why X11 when the entire Ubuntu world seems headed to Wayland??