HDMI sound inactive by default : manual fix is a risk

I think it would be nice to have a working installation from the start, then use a workaround if an issue appears.

describes the solution to the non working sound in the HDMI port.

I as many, have had to finally come to the forum, some asked in the beginning, then us, found the answer and solution.

This would be really simple, since editing a udev rule thus rebooting a system, is not practical, a less savvy user can mess up his installation by corrupting udev system files.

And personally, I’d rather have a machine that has working features with a few Milli-amperes more in consumption, than a machine with a green label, but that doesn’t work :slight_smile:


There is no risk in changing your configuration - you cannot damage your hardware.

Just use the pavucontrol app to set what’s necessary


That is not the point,
ALMOST no software can damage hardware anyway .
I said damaging the system, the OS installation,
messing up udev rules can get you without a keyboard … or a nic etc
Why do We have to fix what is not broken for many others ?
pavucontrol ? have you read the solution ?
We have to edit a udev file.

My manjaro boots saying: enjoy simplicity
The motto on the Home page is about simplicity too,

And here, you think it is fun to open a shell as root, and mess around with files in /etc ?
And THAT is after finding the solution, some people don’t have a clue what to search for …
If it is like that, don’t talk about simplicity or one-click thing, this is like getting an Arch+Calamres …
many others do that …
Real users, don’t have time to browse the net to fix broken things (2 issues here: broken thing + waste of time), or to come religiously every day on the manjaro forum to have tips and tricks to make their PC work,
Real users, Use their working system, and when they enjoy that (“no blue screen of death” for example), they’ll just say around them: “Hey man, manjaro works just fine, install and forget…” and that’s how “you get famous” …
You don’t “get famous” because you saved some one’s day by fixing his issue, you will by having the issue not appear at all.

I do Linux since version .99 , it is not a problem for me,
but how about the new guys that think about switching to us ?

If they get into this, they’ll just boot-up a ubuntu after saying: “manjaro … It doesn’t work”… IF they didn’t get traumatized by this kind of issue which makes so many smart people stay with windows …
after getting told: “you have to do some surgery dude”.

Since I use and Help Manjaro, 5 years now, I started because it was about having a simple and performant Linux Distro,
Unless simple you mean … light … hence: open up vi and press x to remove the pound sign, … that becomes another game, yo have to say it up-from: Warning Geek Distro, even Arch says it all ITs say to others, you want hardcore go Arch, you want windows’ish “easy” go ubuntu,

And We are stuck in the middle, we call Simple, but we play Hardcore, that is not honest at all.

I really hope you understood me.

My point is fixing not my issue(s), but to get or to give what we promised.

I have friends , family , collegues and customers , And because of this kind of stuff, I do not until today recommend manjaro,

that means, we are loosing “customers” 24H a day until this kind of things is sorted out.

I do not understand you

a less savvy user can mess up his installation by corrupting udev system files

It is risky to change udev system files in /usr/lib/udev/rules.d,/usr/local/lib/udev/rules.d as that could risk hardware problems
But the local local administration directory /etc/udev/rules.d is only likely to have a few very specific rules

This rule relates to Manjaro Hardware Detection (mhwd) to configure prime for a hybrid nVidia GPU. Users new to Manjaro are not likely to know about this manjaro-specific package and would some assistance from other users who know this package

The OP who started the discussion has a high reputation score on stackexchange, so probably not a 'less savvy user` . But other users managed too work it out too:

No Display Port Audio from Graphics Card after Update - #7 by Ozeki
Thank you , this worked for me !

No Display Port Audio from Graphics Card after Update - #17 by robinfliva
Worked like a charm!

No sound over HDMI after Nvidia driver update - #27 by axel
now my hdmi sound work perfectly

This is a well verified solution that seems to be within the capabilities of users

some people don’t have a clue what to search for

This command will find the udev rule with the correct vendor and class keys (if it exists)
and show the filename, line number and text

grep -En '0x10de|0x040300' /etc/udev/rules.d/*.rules

I do find it fun to be able to help someone have unhindered access to audio (and keep the remaining brain cells limber)
I would not be doing it if it wasn’t fun because there is no fame or money and not much appreciation to make it worth the effort

I do not know of a way to deactivate this udev rule without having root privileges
This command has more brevity than the suggestion in the previous topic, but it still requires sudo

sudo sed -Ei 's/SUBSYSTEM=="pci", ATTR{vendor}=="0x10de", ATTR{class}=="0x040300", ATTR{remove}="1"/s/^/#/' /etc/udev/rules.d/90-mhwd-prime-powermanagement.rules