Having troubles switching branch


I wanted to give a try to Manajro Testing branch. So switched to testing branch following the steps written here Switching Branches - Manjaro. Now I want to go to the stable one again. So selected the stable one and tried to downgrade all the package using sudo pacman -Syyuu. But showing me this error. To be noted, I pressed Y to all conditions before upgrading.

When you go back to stable, you don’t downgrade packages. You simply live with the newer packages till the stable version catches up.

During update there is a lot of changes. It’s not only version updates but name updates, additional dependencies, change of dependencies, change of paths, etc. In short, there are too many changes to go back safely. System would probably became broken.

You can downgrade a simple app, some independent components but never a whole system. The only way to really go back is to restore a whole system from the backup but even then it could create some issues, because home files and configs may stay from newer version.

This is rolling release, there is no going back, so when you switch to testing or unstable branch and then go back to stable, you will have to just wait. There is nothing more to do.

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ok, so the updates I installed from testing branch, will eventually arrive to my current branch(Stable)? I don’t need to do anything right?

Yes,not need to be worry about it,thats the main point of the testing branch,to test packages before they arrive to stable.

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