Having troubles compiling WoeUSB


Trying to install WoeUSB using this article

But I can't seem to figure out what im doing wrong In Manjaro I got the github files and when I try to do cd woeusb it says the directory doesn't exist so I change it to the directory its in and when I put ./configure it doesn't do anything......could someone tell me what Im doing wrong here?

please and thank you.


It would be much easier to help if you copied and pasted output and used the </> code button to wrap the text so we can see.

Also there is woeusb-git in the AUR by the way.



I started off with this code.

sudo pacman -S wxgtk-common wxgtk2 wxgtk3 lib32-wxgtk lib32-wxgtk git

Then I did this code.

git clone https://github.com/slacka/WoeUSB.git

Then I did this one following it after that which didn't work intill I change the path.

cd woeUSB

I put instead.

cd /home/rawesomemike/WoeUSB

then this code.


doesn't do anything.

then Im suppost to put this after that.

sudo make install

How do I install with AUR? because it won't show up on my OctoPi.


Your guide is out of date.

Instructions from source say you need these first:

autoreconf --force --install

[then continue with ./configure etc]

$ ./setup-development-environment.bash
bash: ./setup-development-environment.bash: No such file or directory

appears to not be working correctly.


you are in the directory WoeUSB?

[cuz I can see that file is there in the folder]


NVM sorry very new to linux. I got it now just taking some getting use too.


All good. Btw - according to the AUR package you might want a few more deps:

dosfstools parted wget ntfs-3g p7-zip

Okay I got it on my PC now but one problem.

Installation failed!
Exit code: 32512
/usr/bin/sh: woeusb: command not found

Thats what happen when I try to use the program for some reason.


Is that the full output from running it in terminal?

Did you make sure to install the packages I listed above?


First answer the question is no, It happened when I try to launch WoeUSB and then try to make the flashdrive with the ISO. I have all those packages installed.


oh wait a minute.
Why did the site point you to an unofficial WoeUSB? that seems like a bad idea.
From same directory hopefully you can successfully run

Ugh. Their repos are all over the place. hang on.


How do I input those commands exactly to uninstall it? because it says there is no target. thank you for taking your time helping me much is appreciated good people like you need to exist more often.


Still .. you could just use the aur .. and install
woeusb-git .. using whatever aur helper you like.


I'm not trying to be a thorn in your butt so to speak I just don't understand this whole AUR thing inless i have to manually add the repo to the WoeUSB im just not seeing it in my OctoPi


You need to install one of a few aur helpers that octopi can use.

You can probably see them in the settings where you enable AUR.

Install one of them, like trizen.

Then you can enable aur in octopi.



hang on gonna take a screen shot so you can see what im looking at might make things easier sorry not sure why I hadn't done that in the first place.


In Octopi

Then select the option to enable using the helper you installed.
Then 'OK'

Then search for and install your package
(you may have to tap the green alien head?)

That in command form
sudo pacman -S trizen
trizen -S woeusb
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