Having the right to upload images

I’m writing a new page on the wiki about the installation of Manjaro, because the link for having the Manjaro user’s guide is broken and the rest of the wiki is not very concise about this, and I don’t have the permission to upload images.

I precise that all this job is written in French and that I will need help to translate it in English :sweat_smile: (English to French is more easy whereas French to English is much more difficult :man_shrugging:)

Where can I ask for these perms ?

Un grand merci pour toutes ces contributions :wave:

1m70deter Contributions

wiki admins read this “wiki” category

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Hi @1m70deter. I am the filemanager for manjaro wiki. You can personally send me your required Pictures through the chat option in the forum and I will upload them to the right place.

Do note that my edits also go through moderation. Hence they may not be visible instantly.

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