Having SSD as boot and game disk and the HDD as storage

Hello! So I have a question. I just installed an SSD on my PC and will use it as boot drive and for games. I have a 2nd disk that is an HDD, which I want to use for storage and so on. What should I format that drive in to? I want it to be empty so I can just put what ever files I want to on it. But when I format it with EXT4 it has a bunch of folders and so on.


It’ll only have one “folder” on it, lost+found, which is for recovering files after a crash.

The most efficient way of organizing your storage is to stop thinking along the Microsoft way and open yourself up to the UNIX way of doing things. You will see that it makes much more sense. :wink:

That’s weird, reformatting a partition should “remove” all files on it – in the technical sense, as it does not keep the locations of the previously recorded data.

Yes! You’re 100% right. I messed up with not pressing the button to apply the changes… Now it’s working :slight_smile: Ty for the help!

I messed up, but it works now :slight_smile: Ty!

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