Having problems with ExpressVPN


I am trying to setup ExpressVPN on my new Manjaro Xfce 64Bit.
I installed ExpressVPN, but when I type in terminal: “expressvpn activate” I get below error message?:

Cannot connect to expressvpnd daemon.
It seems that the expressvpn daemon is not running. Please run “sudo service expressvpn restart” to start it.

Anyone know how to fix Express VPN on Manjaro Xfce 64Bit?
Internet is a dangerous place and need VPN to be safe!
Let me know, thanks!


sudo systemctl enable --now expressvpn.service


Thanks for the quick reply - I typed above command in terminal, but got below error?:

Failed to enable unit: Unit file expressvpn.service does not exist.


I went tot the ExpressVPN site and downloaded:

I double clicked on the above file and installed it.
When I type “expressvpn” in terminal it does show that it is installed.

Not sure how to fix this, hope someone can help…

While I have no idea about the VPN, I came here to say I disagree with this:

No VPN can keep you safe if you don’t use your brain for what it’s there for. Thinking.

In the same way you don’t NEED a VPN fo be safe. But it DOES help.

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manjaro is neither debian nor ubuntu.

please use the correct installation method (hint aur.archllinux.org)

Same as yesterday:

Some info on the AUR: Arch User Repository - Manjaro

Also if you are new a quick intro Manjaro Manjaro - Manjaro

and get used to the The Rolling Release Development Model - Manjaro


I got it working well now:
I downloaded an “*.OVPN” file and installed it into the network manager.