Having issues with Updating

Hi all, it appears we have a new Update this morning, I’m having some issues regarding conflicting packages (mainly in my nodejs folders…). I’m not sure what to do to remedy this issue, this is the first time sudo pacman -Syu hasn’t worked…

Any help regarding this issue would be appreciated, it is occurring on both my laptop and my desktop.

You can run

sudo pacman -Qo /path/to/file

with any of the files which exist in the filesystem to figure out which package owns it. If no package owns the file, you can safely delete it.

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Thank you, yes unfortunately it looks like there were conflicting packages in the npm.

as pip, not use npm -g for install packages in system, only pacman/pamac/yay :wink:



This was never my intention, it seems I used npm to install a few things that conflicted with packages from pacman…I’m not sure how this happened as I usually just use npm to download packages related to learning javascript coding…

Either way I simply utilized pacman -Rcns npm and pacman-Rcns nodejs and reinstalled and it was all good.

I do wonder how that happened though…

Thank you for the reply and the help!

Be careful when using -c option in combination with pacman -R, it could potentially remove still required packages. :wink:

man pacman
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Node packaging is a well known issue, just google ‘node dependency hell’ for an idea. The builtin package manager is known to be flaky, like you I tried it out for a while, but ended up exactly where you are and decided that until they package node properly I will forego the pleasure.

Thank you, can I ust use -Rns and have the same sort of results? Sorry, I know the Arch community likes to constantly berate noobs like myself with the rtfm meme, but I like having things explained via forum chats.

Also, I’m a very new programmer learning javascript basics and don’t have any projects that absolutely need to persist for any length of time (the most advanced thing I’ve created thus far is a to do list that persists to a mariadb and renders an html/css page with some basic javascript functionality). Thusly I’m not too worried about breaking too many dependencies, everything is replaceable (ableit annoying to reinstall, lol).

But yes, this will become more of an issue if I ever work on anything that requires the dependencies to be working 100% of the time…

Wait, so the AUR is better for ALL node packages than the NPM? That’s can’t be true…

I’m pretty sure npm is necessary for most things development related…and funny enough I sometimes find that Linux is necessary for software development as well as developing on Windows is annoying and the Apple ecosystem has a different kind of toxicity I can’t exactly describe well…

for dev, we can use local install (npm without option -g)

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To simply not care and overwrite all the file conflicts you can use:

sudo pacman -Syu --overwrite "*"
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The more comprehensive version of @strit’s comment

Installing node packages using sudo npm install is as prone to conflicts as doing the same thing with python packages and sudo pip.

This should be avoided.

You can use nvm to manage your node - all stored in your home (this is opinionated - but I have never had issues with it)


yes i only really install one global package, and that’s nodemon, but I suppose it’s not that much of a hassle to install it on every project.

Lol, I’ll put this in my notes, but this seems a bit dangerous to use…
I see you work on the ARM team, my Raspberry Pi 400 and I thank you!