Having issue with NFS

hi all, I’m trying to make a nfs share (freenas) but I’m getting this:
mount.nfs: access denied by server while mounting
this is what i did on the cleint side (Manjaro Linux):
╭─family@family in ~ as 慄 took 1m
╰─λ sudo mkdir /tmp/logs
╭─family@family in ~ as 慄 took 2ms
[] × sudo mount -t nfs /tmp/logs
mount.nfs: access denied by server while mounting
Tried this
╭─family@family in ~ as 慄 took 16s
[] × sudo mount -t nfs share/storage /tmp/logs
mount: bad usage
on the truenas side:
Maproot User to root
Maproot Group to no group
I enabled NFSv4 and NFSv3 owership
I did get samba to work

thanks for any help

Client IP must be allowed on the server.

What is in /etc/exports on the server ?

You have to target the full absolute path on the server. Your mount attempts are confusing.

It should look something like this from the client, assuming you’re sharing it under Sharing → Unix Shares (NFS)

mount -t nfs /data/local

Again, this assumes under TrueNAS you have configured an NFS Share for /mnt/poolname/path/to/folder

Also, don’t use spaces, unless you “escape” them with backslashes or enclose the path within double quotes.

Your mount command has errors

 mount [-lhV]
 mount -a [options]
 mount [options] [--source] <source> | [--target] <directory>
 mount [options] <source> <directory>
 mount <operation> <mountpoint> [<target>]

Okay thanks I got it.

Care to share?