Having hardware failure esque symptoms on a known good system

Hey everyone, I’ve posted on Reddit a couple of times about this. I’m fairly new to this, and a convert from Windows. I love the look and feel of this OS, I’m really enjoying it but I keep having the same problem:

Linux, no matter what distro I use, is just super unstable. It’s the usual symptoms of some sort of hardware failure. Browsers throwing SIGSEGV every few minutes. The machine can’t stay up for any more than a couple hours without completely freezing. It’ll just all of a sudden totally freeze and I have to power cycle it to revive it.

But here’s the thing. I’ve tested all of the hardware, and it always passes. I’ve run memtest multiple times with no errors, I’ve tried running on different hard drives and it still does it. Badblocks always passes. And windows is super stable, it only blue screens either while I’m playing my flight simulators or when I have done f’d it up.

This crashing even happens when I just run the OS from a USB, and it happens in every distro of Linux that I have tried.

Here’s my system:

Ryzen 7 3700x at stock clocks
Asus Strix b450f running the latest bios
a brand new Asus TUF RTX 3080
32 Gigs of Ballistix Sport or whatever RAM running at its out of the box 3000mhz DOCP profile
I have Windows on a separate NVME, and I’m running Manjaro from an OCZ Trion 240gb SSD.

Are there any issues with running Ryzen 3000 on the B450 chipset? Maybe that’s it? I don’t know. Totally lost here

Hello, I have myself pretty old hardware, so just speculating. There has been several posts on the forum about the brand new RTX 3080 issues / too young to be fully compatible.

Check for other posts with the same processor and/or graphic card to see if there are related issues. Check also on Nvidia website to find the corresponding Linux driver ( I guess 455 or 460, as it’s all new).

Still guessing, but if the kernel included in the distros you test is too old, maybe your graphic card could not be fully supported. For newer hardwares, the newest kernel should be the one to go.

Maybe it is a graphic acceleration problem?

I would suggest to try the “beta driver” 460xx… they are available through aur packages…

I am running a gtx 1050ti and experienceed also problems with thr 455xx … on high workload it just freezes… workaround was changing to another TTY and switch back.

However… since i use 460xx this issue is away.

You will need these packages:
(also keep sure you removed the old drivers)

pamac build nvidia-settings-beta opencl-nvidia-beta nvidia-utils-beta nvidia-beta-dkms lib32-nvidia-utils-beta  lib32-opencl-nvidia-beta

You will need also these configs: