Haveged is broken no idea for how long ago it broke?

haveged.service has this line in it

“ConditionKernelVersion=<5.6” this stops any kernel > 5.6 being used.

Have raised an issue at

You don’t need it with kernels above 5.4 > 5.6, as is stated on their github:

And also:
With this commit, the overall entropy pool size has been reduced to 256 instead of 4096 like it was before:

cat /proc/sys/kernel/random/poolsize


cat /proc/sys/kernel/random/entropy_avail

Plus, for better understanding:


Unfortunately haveged is required by manjaro-tools.git
I wonder if this should be removed @philm

Please create an issue.

EDIT: There’s already an existing issue.

haveged should probably be an optional dependency like it is for pacman.

Done, but the same point was raised 5 months ago.
Not much point to make it optional as systemd stops it starting if your are running a kernel that is newer than 5.6.

On the other hand: not much point in requiring the installation of a package if it’s not needed (on systems using kernels > 5.6)…