Have pacman -Syu getting NO answer in advanced

How do we have pacman -Syu or of its option else can have answer NO on a confirmation

Why would you want that? If you don’t want to upgrade your system ─ which will lead to breakage over time, as you should know by now ─ then don’t run the command. :man_shrugging:

With most commands including this one, you can cancel with Ctrl+C.

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If you for some reason want to cancel the update you can do so using @Yochanan’s suggestion.

There is the possibility of using the --noconfirm option but this only works for questions where Yes is the default - some questions default to No and the sync will stop.

However cancelling the process is only safe during the download phase - if the process is interrupted during the actual replace operation - either on purpose or by accident - some pacman hooks may not be processed and - depending on the situation - this may render your system unbootable.

So taking great care and knowing exactly what will happen is an absolute requirement.