Has visual-studio-code-bin been added to the extra repository?

As far as i remember, visual-studio-code-bin has always been a package in the Arch User Repository; today i checked for updates using pamac checkupdates withouth the --aur option and it returned this entry

visual-studio-code-bin  1.86.1-1 -> 1.86.2-1  extra

has micro$oft branded vscode v1.86.2 been officially added to manjaro’s extra repository? i have not seen any announcements or posts about it anywhere and i’m confused.

querying from the packages site it returns it!
but clicking on it for more details returns to this generic page

and even after a forced db update pacman -Syy it’s still the same situation. does anyone have any insight on this?

Why do you have to ask if you can search and read results yourself evidently?

There’s plenty of packages moving in and out of repo without any special announcements.

What situation? You have to have synced mirror.

I always tought that because of the nature of this particular package it would remain in the AUR; that’s why i’m confused.
it’s weird seeing it in the extra repository. i assumed i had a compromised or corrupted package db.

Well, distros might add any AUR package (original or modified) to repo if there is enough demand or if someone from the team is using it him/herself. And vice versa.

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Yes — look here.


thanks @Aragorn and @zbe .
I think i was being a bit too paranoid about this; was definitively not expecting that this sort of package movement was this common.
Well, I learned a new thing.

i’ll be awaiting for the spotify package in the extra repo too :joy:

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It was done by accident and has been removed.

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