Has the "amdgpu.ignore_min" patch been applied to the manjaro kernel 6.7+?

The Linux-zen kernel applied this patch to allow amd gpu power limiting, a feature that was removed in the mainline kernel in 6.7. I was wondering if manjaro’s kernels had this patch applied as well?

check here:

Look at all those patches for just ROG Ally and such.
Makes me wonder if there shouldnt be different kernel packages for those handheld things.
(much like the rt, which is arguably less needed)

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I don’t see the patch either. Where would I submit a request to have this patch added to the manjaro kernel?

To quote AMD: This has been discussed on the amd-gfx M/L, and the conclusion was that under-powering outside of the bounding box is potentially dangerous and might damage the hardware. This won't be added back in.

You can read the full discussion here: Re: Kernel 6.7+ broke under-powering of my RX 6700XT. (Archlinux, mesa/amdgpu)

That change aligns what is done for Windows. Also I see no point to revert some or even part of it on our end. Normally those changes will also tickle down to older LTS kernel series with time. Using values lower than the validated range can lead to undefined behavior and could potentially damage your hardware.

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