Has Green with Envy been dropped from the repositories?

I have installed the gwe package from the official repositories. Today I noticed, that pacman -Qm lists gwe and some of its dependencies (python-injector & python-py3nvml). In the packages repository on GitLab gwe is still present, but I can’t find it with pacman. Have these packages been dropped?

It’s in the AUR AUR (en) - gwe

So you’ll need an AUR helper like yay, paru, or enable pamac to access AUR archives.

Hey, thanks for your reply. I know the package is in the AUR, but I had installed it from the official repositories before and was wondering if it had been dropped or if it will be added again at some point. I’ll transitioned to the flatpak for the time beeing.


It will eventually be archived an no longer accessible.


Alright, thanks for the info.

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