Has anyone got iTunes working through WINE?

I’ve followed the steps to install wine, set it to windows 10, but when I go to install iTunes it says my system must be running windows 10 to install iTunes. Has anyone here encountered this issue?

My advice - forget it. iTunes is a pig - even on Windows it barely works. My second advice, once you get it running, shove a ton of music in your device so you won’t have to bother with it too often.

I have an iphone and ipad, I back them up on my wife’s laptop now.

When I used this machine, I used a virtual machine (Windows 7), if I did it again, I think I’d try a cheap 128GB SSD to swap (I mean shutdown, swap Linux SSD for the Windows 128GB and reboot).

Yes, my recommendation would be spotify.

Yes, you can! so far… works great. but the last version is not displaying correctly. You must install version 12.8.xx

Wow, but whenever I plug my phone in, iTunes needs to be a newer version…

Anyway, downloaded the installer for itunes 12.8.0 and it failed before it could configure itself… sorry. Maybe you could publish a guide to see how you managed this?

Hi, i just… installed wine… download the archive version of iTunes… and executed: wine iTunesInstaller.exe, my first mistake was to choose 32 version instead of 64 but besides that, the installer went well. What is true, at first did not work after installation, I did a restart… and then… voila! Good luck

Link? What ‘archive version’?