Has anyone found a decent guide to configuring a mouse for Wayland?

One of the big showstoppers keeping me away from Wayland is that I can’t configure my Logitech Marblemouse so all the buttons work as I’ve configured them in Xorg - in particular being able to scroll in a window using the trackball.
The Arch Wiki has a page on the subject, but that page admits it’s long out of date and nothing it suggests works. (It seems odd that it suggests putting a config file for Wayland in /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d which I would expect to just be for xorg configurations).

Hence why I’m asking if anyone’s found a usable guide. Even if it isn’t specifit to my particular mouse, just having some clues about where to put any necessary config and what sort of thing goes in it would at least help me on my way. Otherwise I’m going to have to stay on xorg for the foreseeable future.

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There isnt much of one.
You need your desktop to implement some configuration apparatus … if they havent you are out of luck, and cannot even use the xorg configuration files.

That or you can try libinput-config from the AUR.

(Do Note its a hacky workaround and the author is seeking maintenance assistance)

https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/Libinput :

Thanks. Sounds like I’m going to be sticking with X for the foreseeable future. I depend on my mouse’s button mappings too much to do without them.

[Edit]: OUCH! I gave libinput-config a try and it (or something in my very simple attempt at a config file) caused some “interesting” problems. Lucky I had SSH access from my Android so I could uninstall the package. Definitely not something I’d recommend installing unless you have a way to get into your computer apart from the keyboard & monitor.

Good to know, as I have not tried it.
I’ll make sure to give extra warnings next time.