Has anyone else had this weird effect with plasmoids?

Ever since March 2021, I’ve been trying to solve an issue that caused Opera and Chromium browsers to start very… very slowly. Falkon had no problems. Also, Plasma started very slowly (oft times it took up to 5 minutes to get to the desktop and still crunched away a good while after that). Some other apps also started slow as a tick in tar, such as Libre Office that would sometimes take 20 mins to start. So much strace and tracking processes and resources and…

For some reason, it took me this long to try and reset Plasma’s settings, so off I went to start by deleting ~/.config/plasma-org.kde.plasma.desktop-appletsrc and relogged to see if that was enough. Aaaaand it was. Everything was smooth sailing from there. Now ofc I wanted to start figuring out what had been the culprit and added the plasmoids back on the desktop, one by one. It was the folder view one. I didn’t even have to relog for everything to get back to busted. Remove it from the desktop and everything went back to good.

So I’m kinda curious. Has anyone else had this happen to them? Is KDE the right place to report this as a bug?