Haruna a very good alternative to smplayer

After switching to wayland, smplayer stopped working and i was looking for an alternative that was similar and good and works on wayland.

Haruna is the answer, here is a link if you want some info about it

Sorry, if i posted on wrong keyword/category

What do you mean SMPlayer “stopped working”? Have you searched the internet?


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even switching to x11 inside video option it doesnt work…
flatpak version runs on Xwayland, not natively on Wayland. That’s why it works.

Gave it a look. Needs work. No forward to next file, no backwards to previous file, no custom command to force full screen, broder remains even opened to entire screen.

It has playlist view or go to configure and click on configure shortcut, default one is shift + for both next and prev and doesnt work. i have changed it to ctrl + n and ctrl + p
and works like a charm a bit of lag i felt when switching to next file.

use F

Not happening with me… there is a bit of lag when going full screen for sure