Hardware Failure

I have Manjaro 21.26 xfce installed on my home pc. All off a sudden on boot I get error messages like these: *dependency failed for /UMV" and “dependency failed for local file systems”. I’m guessing hard drive failure. I’ve got 2 SSD’s installed and one 2TB sata HHD.
Any suggestions on how to find the problem drive? I have timeshift iinstalled but can’t get to it.

Manaro is GREAT!

so can you boot normally into your system?

If you cant boot into the system boot into any Manjaro install media. Trying to mount the problem drive in a file manager should give an error, if it shows up at all.
You should also be able to edit the /etc/fstab file to remove the bad drive, if it isnt the system drive.

No. I can only boot a live CD.

now when I try to start a live Manjaro disk - it asks for a password.
Gparted shows no files on 2 of my 3 driives :frowning:

Not good, is one of them the system drive?

Disregard the password issue… Looks like I need to blow the dirt out of my key-board again (SORRY)

More information :slight_smile:

sudo parted -l
lsblk --fs
cat /etc/fstab

for example: BalenaEtcher shows this to execute ----
“/usr/bin/balena-etcher-electron” %U

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But then


Is that long that it took to boot?