Hardware decoding and encoding for webRTC

We want to develop our own software based on webRTC for video calling. We are using KHADAS VIM3-Pro board. initially we tried Ubuntu OS but there is no hardware decoding encoding. We used chromium browser and firefox browser for video calling on webRTC. We are facing a video lagging issue and also observed that cpu usage and load average goes to very high. this we have faced with ubuntu.

I am new in majaro users . Are there any hardware encoder decoder support in manjaro ?

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Linux have a bad support of hardware encoding and decoding videos in browsers. It is experimental and any Linux Distro need to force enable it. It is not Distro dependent, since alle Distros uses the same source, but maybe a different version.

Since it a ARM Board, you have to look at https://mesa3d.org/ for support. The APIs are called VDPAU and VA-API.

Maybe ffmpeg can do partially hardware encoding and decoding on this platform?

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No linux distribution have encoding support yet. Only those which at using legacy kernel with mali closed course drivers have it.
For us we only have encoding support for h264 that too outside of the browser.

If you need it for commercial purpose then please sponsor the vdec drivers for encoding.

I have done video conference in vim3 and it does run smoothly without video encoding and decoding.

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