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I recently lucked out on a hardware purchase. The earbugs I bought don’t really work with Linux/Manjaro. While I’m out on the market for new ones, the question I have here is somewhat different: where do you recommend checking before buying hardware? (in this case searching for device_name+linux didn’t return anything) For example I usually look at winehq or protondb before buying a game to get a sense of how compatible it is with Linux. Any similar resources you can recommend for hardware?

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Hardware tend to be compatible with Linux when they follow public standards rather than trying to make their own.
Personally, if i need a special application in order to use the full potential of a new hardware, that’s usually a no-no… unless said application (or good enough equivalent) is available for Linux. It’s thanks to such availability that i can still enjoy a Roccat Kone XTD gaming mouse for instance.

You can check hardware compatibility here: