Hardware Acceleration for AMD and H265

After a couple of days trying to figure out why is Plex using about 80% - 90% of my Ryzen 5800X3D after switching to Manjaro, I found a thread that basically said that Manjaro will no longer support H264 and H265 for AMD.

Since that topic is about a year old now are there any other solutions but building Mesa from source or switching distros?
I’m really hoping there is since building stuff from source is annoying with updates and especially for something system critical like Mesa and I just got everything set up with this just the way I like it and I really don’t want to switch distros again.

Use this


Hi @FluffyPotato, and welcome!

Please see:


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Unfortunately it says page doesn’t exist or is private

Wasn’t https://nonfree.eu/ not maintained anymore or something? At least the threads about this I found said that wasn’t advised.

It basically tells you this:

With more explanation. Go there, do that and use that.

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Does it need me to switch to the unstable branch?

Not AFAIK. But being an Nvidia user…


…I can’t be sure. You can test, though…

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Some success. My system didn’t break and everything looks normal after a reboot and vainfo does show that h264 and h265 are supported now. Unfortunately the Plex client seems to not have gotten the message but that’s an issue with the Plex flatpak or Plex itself. And if Plex won’t work VLC doesn’t eat my whole CPU anymore either and I can just use that.

Thank you!

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VLC is picky too.
You will need to set it GPU and/or VAAPI, etc.
Even then … I ditched it for smplayer/mpv a long time ago :slight_smile:

Strange, for me it seems to work out of the box after installing the Mesa version with hw acceleration and running VLC from the terminal can confirm that it is using hw acceleration. Before the new Mesa it was using like 60% CPU as well.

I settled on using Plex from firefox though since the flatpak version of Plex hates new AMD GPUs apparently and it will glitch out and not use hw acceleration no matter what. Runs perfectly in firefox though.

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