Hard drive's name is too long

My Hard drive’s location name is too long its my secondary hard drive, how can i change the name of the hard drive reason is forza horizon 5 says file name is too long its like this i want to change the name /run/media/arda/0477b6bb-21c8-476f-a0e6-ca76d2586087

I change the name of the steamlibrary to s it fixed my problem but I still want to change my hard drive’s name

Give the filesystem on the device a name - a label.
It has got none so currently the UUID of the partition is used.

It can be adjusted - how to do that depends on the filesystem.

What filesystem is it?

lsblk -f

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It’s btrfs I tried ext4 but hard drive wasn’t working so I chose btrfs

I have zero experience with BTRFS.
It looks like you just need to assign a label, a name (like: MySteamDrive)

Normally this is done when the filesystem is created, but it can be done after as well.

I do not quite understand what that means - but I can’t give advise anyway when it comes to BTRFS. :man_shrugging:

Oh thanks for helping anyway what I meant was game says path name is too long so I changed folder name called “SteamLibrary” to just “S” because of that game runs and works

Thanks I fixed the problem

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