Hard disk in my Digitech SATA HDD Docking station not visible on my Manjaro Desktop computer

I have not used my Digitech SATA HDD Docking Station for well over a year now, but I recall that it had previously worked on more than one of my computers.

Now, none of the hard disks I mount onto that Docking Station are visible to either of two of my Manjaro Desktop computers.

I had assumed that, because the Docking Station connects to my desktop computer with a USB cable, that the command ‘lsblk’ would reveal to me, the 1TB WD (Western Digital?) SATA/64mb Cache WD10EZEX hard disk inserted in that docking station. However, ‘lsblk’, reveals nothing in addition to the partitions of my two fixed hard disks already installed on that computer. Gparted also does not reveal that additional hard disk.

I have also tried a 1TB WD10EVDS hard disk with the same result.

Can anyone here please advise me how I can use my Digitech Docking Station to access these hard disk partitions from my Manjaro Desktop computer?

Thank you for your attention.

Apologies for my long delay in posting this:

I was able to use a new Cruxtec dual docking station in place of the Western Digital docking station. It seems that the Western Digital docking station once worked with a driver which is no longer available. The Cruxtec docking station seems to work through a USB cord without any specific driver.

Thanks again for your attention.

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