Happy with Manjaro

Hi all

Strange title just to let the moderators place where they will choose because i did not found where to place

Two weeks i’ve installed Manjaro and discovering the Arch based system now, time enough to all configure as my habits
And whow!
i’m very impressed and surprised, absolutely one of the best distro i ever tried, no doubt in my heartbeat podium with MX, not to challenge with MX but just to levelling the high level of competences, such a high skill of competences, so why i transmigrated from MX to Manjaro?
Just because Manjaro is a rolling and i don’t want to all re-install each year sometimes even twice a year anymore
When i installed Manjaro i was not believing nor even hoping a such satisfaction, it was just a thing like a “oh to already need to all re-install i want a linux running for many years → let’s try a rolling release and we’ll see”

I guess one day or another a strong update will generate problems i won’t be able to fix by myself, but at this time my Manjaro works and satisfy me as much as MX did, no any bug anywhere, all works perfectly, Manjaro is the distro booting the fastest i ever seen, less than two minutes and it’s running :slight_smile: (paradox the shutdown is strangely one of the longest but no any matter with that)

The lone minor point is the AUR wich i’m wary of more and more, not sure it’s such a good thing finally, at least for beginner as i am not able to read and fix the codes error and even less recompil from sources by selves, the time will tell but no more AUR usage at this time for me, just because no trust avaible anymore

This message just to thanks all the developpers, the workers and all the volunteers for the fantastic excellent work you are all doing here, a donation is deserved to support your competences and the result you are all generate

Thank you all the Manjaro contributors


AUR is unsupported on Manjaro.

The latest fuzz with Pamac and AUR emphasizes that AUR is Arch User Repository NOT Manjaro - therefore restraining your urge to explore it is a good thing :+1: :slight_smile: .

It is useful for experienced users with specialized requirements - for day-to-day usage - stay with the official Manjaro repos - your system will be more stable.