Hang+reboot after capslock led blinking when using screen blank option in power settings gnome


So I am having this issue that my laptop will hang en reboot after the screen blanks. The capslock led starts blinking about 2 times per second for 10-15 seconds. The laptop is not response and shuts down. When I disable ‘‘blank screen’’ in power options the laptop goes into suspend normally and wakes up with no issues.

It started happening yesterday when I replaced the secondary (sata) backup ssd for testing purposes with an other ssd and later a hdd. Coincidence?? Boot drive is a samsung nvme ssd. After troubleshooting I’ve manages to pin the problem down to the ‘‘blank screen’’ option under power settings. Strangely enough this has always worked and I did not perform any systems software updates. So It can’t be a intel gpu driver update issue.

I also removed all drives, did a bios reset, run on ac power with battery unplugged, run on battery only and an hour ago performed a system software update. Sometimes I get the impression that an error is displayed during startup or reboot but it happens so fast that I can’t tell what it was. So my question is if someone has the same problem and how to look for it in the logs?

Thank you.


Live enviroment works fine with screen blank option enabled. So no hardware problem right?

Update 2:

It also happens with ‘‘screen blank’’ option disabled. However not as soon when having that option enabled.

Anybody? :slight_smile: