Handbrake not using full power

Hello, i tried encoding a video with handbrake on Manjaro, and while Handbrake used 100% CPU power, and also encoded faster, it only uses around 75% on Manjaro. Are there some settings for this behavour that i’m missing?


start reading here about nice and cpu frequency scaling.

Still I would never advice to give a program the full amount of cpu ‘power’

Sure, maybe not 100% but, i could very comfortably use my pc with windows and a load of 99% so i would want to at least get to that level again. Thank you very much for your fast answer :slight_smile:

Maybe the display of the workload is more accurate in linux? Just a thought…

Even if that is the case. You always can give a progress more or less resources with nice/renice. this with or without changing the cpu freq scaler.

If it is advisable is another thing.

Yeah, definitly a thought, but since handbrake also reports, that it renders with a lower framerate (180 vs 145), there is definitly a perfomance loss, that roughly scales to the missing percentage, there’s nonetheless room for improvement :slight_smile:

I’m not here to things smart, just fast :smiley:

That’s the beauty of the freedom of choice we have with Linux.

With FFmpeg or VapourSynth+FFmpeg I always get 100% highload.