Gyration Remote programing

I know this is some older hardware but I have been using this since Windows MCE days.
Gyration Remote
I love it so much I have a rubber band holding the front of it together since you cant find them anymore and it works beautifully for Kodi and as an HTPC remote for navigation of webpages from the couch.
Some of it works inside of Manjaro/Kodi but from my understanding portions of the main board are separated on the programing of the buttons. Currently the Play/Pause/Stop…etc buttons do not work inside of Manjaro as when hitting the buttons I just get a big circle with a line going through it saying its not a proper key being pressed.
Is LIRC still a thing in Linux/Manjaro and would anyone else happen to have this kind of thing working? I tried downloading some AddOns through Kodi but since Manjaro seems to be locking the button presses down I can’t get Kodi to reassign the keys.

Not sure, but maybe because it is recognized as keyboard? Check this part:

The section of the remote where the problem buttons are located are not tied to keyboard commands. If they were I could use a Kodi addon to assign those buttons.