GUI program for display contrast adjustment

Does anyone know of a GUI program that allows display adjustment for contrast?

I have brightness adjustment straight on my keyboard shortcuts. Gamma adjustment on the settings menus. But can’t find contrast anywhere.


Have you checked your monitor settings?

Well, it’s a notebook, so we don’t have display settings at the monitor itself…

The problem is, that the settings on outside monitor are changing display parameters of the screen itself and it has nothing to do with the system. On laptops, there is no such possibility and the display is dependent on Xorg/Wayalnd+GPU drivers+WM - each governing different things.

There are Nvidia utilities but I never checked if they have options for the display itself. As far I know, Intel doesn’t have similar software as the Intel GPUs are way simpler, and they just do the basic stuff.

You can see if DisplayCAL has that.

I use DisplayCAL to re-calibrate all of my monitors with a colorimeter for photo editing

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That’s a powerful app. I’m looking into it. Thanks for the tip.

Thanks a lot for the comment. The DisplayCAL app allows for loading icc profiles, maybe that includes some contrast tweaking. I’ll see if I can find a profile for my monitor, I hope that will improve the lack of contrast a little .

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