Gui lost after update

I just did an update. It said that I had a kernel update and I will use it when I restart. I have restarted my laptop and now it goes straight into the terminal. Please help me, I don’t know the command line options, nor do I know which information you need to help me.

I read that it might be a messed GPU kernel driver. And they said to type in

~ mhwd -a pci nonfree 0300
It said skipping for the two GPUs I have because they’re already installed. Then I typed in

~ mhwd -li
It came up with a table for my Nvidia card. Freedriver says false. There’s also a warning
No installed USB configs!

Just checking: was it a regular update? Or an installation of a newer available kernel?

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I typed in
~ sudo pacman -Syu

And it came with a lot of updates including a kernel update.

Thank you for your response. Let me follow that procedure you sent.